10% Tattoo  Purple Cream

10% Tattoo Purple Cream

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1.Wash the area receiving tattoo or laser treatment with soap and water. 
2.Cover Hot towel in 5 minutes or Apply with alcohol . 
3.Dry area completely. 
4.Cover 2-3 mm thickness (not good effective if too thin) 
5.Seal with Film (plastic wrap)in 25-50 minutes 
6.Clean the skin and start tattooing. 

Notes: In order to ensure better effect, please don't drink Alcohol, Beer and Milk before 24 hours of tattooing, or you will feel pain when tattooing. 25 minutes super fast deep numbs, and it will last for 3-5 hours tattooing with no pain

Customer Reviews

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Beyond amazing

Absolutely amazing!! I followed the instructions to a T and managed a 4 hour session on my chest and neck, not feeling the majority of it. The sensation did slowly start to creep back after 3 hours, but it was more the surrounding nerves that weren't numbed. Even then, the pain was completely manageable and a lot less than had I of not used any at all. 100% worth it and already ordered more for my next session on my chest piece!! I have tried a lot of creams, and hands down, is the one to get!!!

Pamela Ferreira

The delivery was very quick and I have forgotten to add the 3rd item in the basket so I have text asking if I would still get it, and the answers was YES and in 2 days I got my package very well packet and each one in a separate boxes. Thank you

Dawid Kozlowski

I'm very dissapointed. Packed Has been sent with delay and after discusion with customer care my 3rd cream (deal add 3 pay for 2) hasn't been added as it was promised.

Gabriela Landin
TransWoman Electrolysis

I used for first time during electrolysis to eliminate facial hair. Areas like upper lip, close to lip or neck are specially painful during electrolysis. I found a lot of comfort in using the cream before the session and not only that, the time of the session has being reduce to half by being able to do not have to stop becoming a win-win experience, totally recommended.

Tony topley
Great ebayer

Perfect thanks